Friday, June 3, 2011

The New Kid Movie

The New Kid MovieParamount is rather happy with Rango's performance in theaters (the film grosses $241 million for a $135 million budget), and is now planing a new animated movie. They bought the film rights to The New Kid, Penny Arcade's online comic created by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Gary Whitta (who penned the script of the Book of Eli) will be in charge of the screenplay. No director has been announced yet.

For those who don't know The New Kid, to a certain extent it's the classic story of a kid coping with moving to a new school... but it's set in space and the other schoolkids are aliens. The comic strip revolves indeed around a boy and his father who are constantly forced to move from planet to planet because of the father's job, making the boy a constant new kid at school.

Being the new kid in general is hard, so just imagine being the new human kid in a school full of weird aliens! Let's hope that paramount will find the right director to helm the New Kid movie because the premise sounds promising.

Anyway, more information about the New Kid movie as soon as details emerge.